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This season all men not only desire for the perfect hair style but also a nourished and thick hair. Let’s quickly dive into what are the three hair products that men are obsessed with to get the optimal hair results. Enriching hair oil Truth be told, all men these days are feeling the loss of hair. Oil is the most essential product that men should be obsessing over. Oiling hair routinely can be very advantageous. Yet, a significant number of us appear to have overlooked that. Mothyu oil is made with essential oils so that it enters the skin tissue – [...]


Meaning Of MOTHYU – Innovation From Nature

Being one of the best beard and hair products seller, MOTHYU has achieved popularity by its qualitative products and results. However, there is still one thing that hits our customers’ mind about the obscure and lesser known name MOTHYU. Well, to answer this mostly asked question, MOTHYU is name of a plant which is mainly found in Auckland, New Zealand and Australian territories. This eastern origin plant is also known by other names such as white bladderflower, common moth vine, false choko and cruel moth vine. Though this plant is grown in New Zealand, its existence was derived by a Portugese botanist known named Felix [...]

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