Mothyu Charcoal Face Scrub 100gm For Blackhead Remover With Clove And Cinnamon


Mothyu Charcoal Face Scrub 100gm For Blackhead Remover With Clove And Cinnamon

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MOTHYU Blackheads Remover Activated Charcoal Face Scrub with Clove and Cinnamon-100 gm

Activated Charcoal Face Scrub removes dead skin & blackheads with leaving your body clean and refreshed after a long day.

Mothyu Charcoal face scrub acts as an exfoliator that absorbs the dirt and impurities from your skin pores.


  • Face scrub fights with acne and dullness
  • Charcoal removes oil, toxins, and impurities
  • A natural ingredient clears blemishes
  • Activated face scrub gives you Skin feels soft and refreshed
  • Mothyu dace cleanser suitable for all skin

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Pamper Your Face the Way It Deserve
Our activated charcoal works great to remove your blackheads, dark spot. We would like to let you know that our products are free from the chemical.
Our facial scrub is effective for reducing the appearance of scaly skin and eliminating the effects of skin tone.
Complete skin solution for your face

A Exfoliate Spa Experience at Your Place!

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Easy Use at Home:

– It helps to remove blackheads & clears blemish

– A feature of deep face cleansing

– Also heals acne and pimples

– Natural ingredients remove oil, toxins, and impurities

– It gives your skin soft & refreshed feel

– Activated face scrub suitable for all skin

Unique Effective Ingredients:

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Key Features:

– Activated Charcoal: It binds to and helps to pull out dirt. Fight for blackhead & smooth cellulite

– Coffee Bean Extract: Help soothe red and inflamed breakouts

– Apricot seed powder: It leaves skin feeling super soft and smooth

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the key features? Activated charcoal powder, Clove oil, Cinnamon oil are ingredients of Face scrub which helps you to reduce blackheads and giving you clear look.

2. How to use? Wet face. Apply scrub & massage 2-3 minutes and wash-off. Then dry out your face with a soft towel.

3. How long it will use? You can use twice or thrice in a week.

4. Package included: Face scrub 100 Gm X 1 Quantity

Our Pledge of Purity

– No para banes

– No artificial fragrances,

– No animal tested

– No side effect so it suitable for every type of skin.

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