Skincare routine for Combination Skin Type

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Skincare routine for Combination Skin Type

If you are noticing that some parts of your skin are oily while the other parts are dry. Then that implies you have combination skin. When it comes down to combination skin, it gets trickier for you to figure out the right way to take care of your skin correctly. As different part of your skin looks for different requirements it gets especially hard at times to find the perfect skincare regime for the exact problem.

The Combination skin type is neither oily nor dry. In reality, it is a combination of both. Things start getting surprisingly complicated when you are looking to combat the problem as the situation demands two different skincare routines.

Tips for routine Combination Skin Care

  • Stop using Soaps: Soaps aren't sufficient enough for your delicate facial skin which requires a lot of affection and care. Soaps tend to dry up your skin which can cause irritations. Using the same will only add up to your already existing skin problems. Go with a gentle cleanser that suits your combination skin type. You can also go with an organic cleaning compound like milk or honey for your skin.
  • CTM Routine is a must: Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing will deliver you flawless skin in no time. The process clears your skin tone and prevents it from any further skin problems.
  • Toner: A Toner should be a must-have product in your skin care kit. Especially for people with combination skin type, a toner provides the balance required by your skin by removing the last traces of the cleanser you uses. It also helps in shrinking open pores.
  • Moisturizing is another essential thing to do for every skin type. Applying a light coat of a good moisturizer will keep your dry areas moisturized. Along with that it also mattifies the oily portions on your skin or face. A gel-cream or a gel-based moisturizer is highly recommendable for this purpose.
  • Never miss out on using a sunscreen. It will act as a layer of protection for your skin when you are going out. Always look for a sunscreen that is ideally perfect for your skin type.
  • Make total use of a cleanser. Every time you reach home, make sure to remove your makeup using a premium cleanser which is gentle on your skin. Never let your makeup sit on the face.
  • Charcoal Face Scrub is tested and tried a method of cleansing solution for combination type of skin. It will banish all the blemishes and toxins out of your skin and give it the manly glow.
  • Vitamin C Skin Serum is rich in collagen which will strengthen your skin and give all the nutrients required for a toned and healthy complexion.
  • Green Tea Face Wash is a renowned method to fight skin cancer. Using a green tea face wash will also protect your skin from UV damages.
  • Homemade face packs can be especially ideal for a combination skin type as you will put in all the ingredients required to combat your skin problem.

Now that you have come to know about tips of skincare to fight your combination skin type, it will get smoother for you to achieve remarkable results in no time.

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