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Need to know how to make amazing shampoo at home to get wonderful hair? All you men! Don’t surge; there’s place for everybody.

Baking soda shampoo

This is the least demanding custom made planning of shampoo. All you need is:

  • 1 tablespoon baking soda (otherwise called sodium bicarbonate)
  • Some water. Utilize soft water and stay away from substantial or hard water for the greatest viability.
  • 1 void shampoo bottle


  • Empty the water into the container and include the preparing soft drink.
  • You can twofold the extent relying upon how much shampoo you need without fail.
  • Shake the jug vivaciously and your shampoo is prepared.
  • To utilize the shampoo, shake the jug before use and pour a little on to your wet hair.
  • Back rub it in completely and wash it off following a couple of minutes.
  • Ensure you wash well. Extra baking soda can develop and make your hair end up dry and coarse.

We recommend utilizing this shampoo when you are changing from a business item to a natively constructed one, and not keep this is as your ordinary shampoo.

A little more than 10 years prior, hair shampoo showed up in the market. What’s more, we as a whole peered toward them suspiciously like they were simply extravagant, better-smelling oils in cooler containers. Today, there’s a container in everybody’s storage room on the grounds that – independent of hair types.

But we at Mothyu totally understand how hectic your life is! You guys on the roll hardly have time to create all these home remedies. Hence we present you the optimal solution for shampoo.

Imbued with 100% unadulterated Argan Oil and Keratin, Mothyu shampoo fixes hair while saturating from root to tip abandoning it delicate and looking amazingly solid. Mothyu Moroccan Argan Shampoo is the best choice for your hair.

We have natural and effective products that are the best substitute to your home remedies for shampoo and serum. Get the best hair results with us now!

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