Top 10 Beard product brands in India

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Top 10 Beard product brands in India

Wondering if any men who does not like to flaunt their beard these days! To make a look stylish and tough, beard plays an important role in giving a manly look and a rough yet sophisticated statement. Though to grow hair on scalp and beard is somehow similar, but an application of beard oil is done with utmost care. If not being cautious, it might affect skin and welcome unwanted allergies. So, to select the best beard oil for your suitability is important and that’s why we have come up with 10 different brands offering best beard oil for men: The first and the foremost is undoubted, MOTHYU beard oil Mothyu is considered to have the best grooming products for men with a wide range of beard products and also other men essentials. The beard oil from Mothyu comes with active ingredients like sesame oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, biotin, and sweet almond oil. All these ingredients help in moisturizing facial hair follicles and straighten the beard with uniformity all over the face. 

  • Secondly, it is Trumen Beard Growth Oil

Renowned for making beard hair soft and silky, Trumen Beard Growth Oil is infused with natural ingredients selectively used for beard and mustache. Keeping hair strands moisturized all day long, this beard oil is also pocket-friendly, as 30 ml bottle is just for Rupees 550, comparatively cheaper than other beard products. 

  • Another one is WOLF Rejuvenating Beard Growth Oil.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, Wolf Rejuvenating Growth Oil is proven to be one of the best men’s grooming products. Most importantly, it has Redensyl which is rarely found in any other beard products. However, this super beneficial product is quite expensive as the price of 50ml is Rs 849. Moving one, there’s also something for “Gabrus”. 

  • URBANGABRU Beard Oil

This Argan oil infused beard growth oil is specially made to increase the density of beard hair and make it look shinier to make you look bravo. Itch-free, allergy free and mess free oil shows effective results without any trouble. This product is again not-so-expensive and costs up to Rs 350 for 30ml. 

  • Farmerz Moustache and Beard Oil

Boosted with Hemp Seed Oil, Moringa Oil, Agran Oil, Cedar Wood Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Coconut Oil, this product is loaded with natural ingredients. This beard oil provides hair follicles with sufficient nourishment. Moreover, this beard growth oil is also free from Paraben and Mineral Oil which might harm skin follicles. Considering the price, it has Rs 569 for 50 ml, relatively more quantity than others. 

  • VIKING’s Classic Beard Growth Oil

Giving itch-free and hydrated skin, this beard product strengthens hair and gives a natural shine to beard hair. Especially to those who have rough and hard beard, this product is highly effective on such roughness and gives a smooth frizz free beard hair. Keep your beard groomed, and tamed with VIKING’S Classic Beard Oil. 

  • USTRAA Mooch and Beard Oil

 Much popular Ustraa Mooch and Beard Oil is a blend of 4 selective oils empowering natural ingredients. Amongst it, evening primrose oil is much effective to prevent fungi, yeast, and dandruff for a healthy beard and mustache. Certainly, this beard oil comes with SLS and Paraben free not harming or affecting skin internally. The blend of oils present in the tonic helps to make healthy hair. 

  • The Real Man Beard and Moustache Oil Maple Mint

Infused with Maple Mint, it becomes Real Man Beard Oil one of the best men grooming products. Even more, this stimulant oil has medicated properties like antiseptic and astringent. Maintaining pH balance of skin, it prices to Rs 400 for 15ml. 

  • Saint Beard – Beard Growth Oil

With the goodness of Vitamin E, Saint Beard Oil surely makes it one of the naturally beard growing oil. This helps in rejuvenating beard and mustache hair. Vitalizing with Redenzyl, it gets you rid of dryness and dullness of beard hair. And Last but definitely not the last, 


The name itself speaks for its highly popular beard products and the effective results as well. Formulated to increase thickness of beard, this highly beneficial oil seeps deep into the roots of beard hair and makes it shinier adds up to your style statement.

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