No Shave November — Tips For Growing Beard

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No Shave November

No Shave November — Tips For Growing Beard

No Shave November is on and it is tough to style in swag without beard products.

Though, kudos to the men participated in No Shave November for whom the last 2 weeks have always proven to be difficult.

The month of November starts with a little amount beard found on men’s face as the clean shave has just been passed in October and the upcoming whole month is a time where beard is grown up till the last date of November.

But, the real struggle is to maintain the beard growth after the first 2 weeks of November.

The real time has started where it becomes difficult to manage the beard growth after its usual length and density.

Streets have been flooded with the men of longer and thicker beard hair, but where does it come from?
What’s the secret behind the maintained beard growth post mid-November?

The answer is MOTHYU.

Beard grooming has never been easy without Mothyu and so does the Mothyu that helps men in maintaining facial hair look resplendent.

There are certain vital products by Mothyu which can help men around to grow beard and maintain it.

Firstly, it is the beard oil which forms strength of Mothyu beard products and has proven to be helpful in maintaining growth.

The reason behind effectiveness of Mothyu beard oil is its anti-frizz formula which helps in moisturizing the facial hair and helps in straightening the tough or hard beard hair.

In order to get the best results, take 3 to 5 drops of oil in palm and apply to beard hair and massage gently giving the effect within a quicker time to nourish hair in the crucial days of ending November.

Secondly, the Hair growth oil is also one of the prominent men’s grooming products of Mothyu which is still proven to be effective in maintaining density of hair and giving a lustrous look on face.

This organic beard growth oil is enriched with essential oils that help promoting a healthy beard growth.

Strengthening hair roots, it also allows the inner skin to breathe with the moisturized skin follicles which can help in growing hair with utmost evenness and uniformity.

A few drops of this hair growth oil nourishes hair with the active ingredients infused in it like sesame oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, grape seed oil, biotin and sweet almond oil.

Apart from the hair oils, there is one more special product by Mothyu for men to save them in the harsh period of ending November.

Anti Frizz Hair smoothing serum for men.

Enriched with Argan and Macadamia, this hair serum is effective to work even on sensitive scalps as well.

Moreover, it helps in lessening the split ends and gets away from making hair greasy and dull.

Its rich antioxidants are powerful in removing damage and preventing itching.

Suitable for a daily routine, rub a small amount between your palms and work through wet or dry hair to style as you like it.

It does not require the hassle to wash out or cleanse, it just needs to apply whenever you feel to give the style and rock this November.

Thus, these are some of the tips than can help you in maintaining beard hair growth in style and with utmost care.

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