Meaning Of MOTHYU – Innovation From Nature

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Meaning Of MOTHYU – Innovation From Nature

Being one of the best beard and hair products seller, MOTHYU has achieved popularity by its qualitative products and results.

However, there is still one thing that hits our customers’ mind about the obscure and lesser known name MOTHYU.

Well, to answer this mostly asked question, MOTHYU is name of a plant which is mainly found in Auckland, New Zealand and Australian territories.

This eastern origin plant is also known by other names such as white bladderflower, common moth vine, false choko and cruel moth vine.

Though this plant is grown in New Zealand, its existence was derived by a Portugese botanist known named Felix Avelar Brotero.

Those with good beard must be always thankful to this genius botanist!
The reason of considering this plant as a gift to beard growth is it’s highly nutrients seeds inside the fruits.

It helps in growing beard and hair by smoothening and making strong and shiny.

Moreover, this highly fertile plant is also naturally grown without any artificial pesticides yielding good skin results without any side effects and harm to hair.

As Mothyu focuses on a longer shelf life and accurate composition, it triggers the safety in products which is admired by its composers and users.

After several quality checks and tests, this elixir to hair and skin in infused to give the best growth oil in a considerable time frame. Not only its growth but nourishment on a regular basis also offers good results by usage of a mere product, Mothyu beard growth oil.

The story behind the name Mothyu has only the significance of its highly valuable crop and roots which strengthens hair and beard for a lasting effect and giving the natural results by maintaining trust and confidence of our patrons.

Certainly, we, at Mothyu, are proud to share this fact of utilizing a moth plant in our products and sufficing this name with its valuable purpose in growing beard and hair.

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